Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园)

Amusement park called Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园), located in Buji, Shenzhen, China. It was originally famous for the Great Wall replica, but then many amusement rides were added like roller coasters, a swimming pool, etc. In the beginning of the video, there is a fairly fast round-the-park trip showing all the basic rides available.

Included detailed rides in video (in order of appearance):
Circling the whole Qiushuishan Park
Challenger Tour (挑战者之旅)
Pirate Ship (海盗船)
Spacewalk (太空漫步)
Roller Coaster (过山车)
Riding Real Horse
Great Wall Replica

Swing Ride (高空飞翔) at Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园)

This is a SkyFlyer type of swing ride where you are seated on a rotating swing that is lifted up very high in the sky so you can get a majestic view of the surrounding scenery. This type of ride (Sky Flyer) was originally invented by Funtime and the version shown in video is from another company that made a 18 swing variation with 2 seats per swing. The acceleration is intense and is very thrilling to ride with such high G's and velocity high up in the sky. This swing ride is one of the most fun amusement park in modern times. Swing Ride is made by 温州南方游乐设备总厂.

Swing Ride (旋转摇摆伞) at Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园)

This is a point of view of the swing ride (swing chair ride) at an amusement park (求水山公园) in Buji, Shenzhen, China. 旋转摇摆伞 "旋转摇摆伞" 游艺机是根据广大需求设计开发的一种新颖飞行塔类游乐设备. 它的运动特征是带有滑道的立柱作公转运动,头部大转盘作反向、倾斜、摇摆式自转并沿着轨道作上、下升降运动的复合,使乘客座椅在离心力的作用下绕立柱起伏飞旋,乘客坐在座椅上,犹如银燕在晴空中回旋、飞舞、此起彼伏、上下飘飞. 给游客无穷乐趣.

Spinning Ride (挑战者之旅) at Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园)

The is a first person viewpoint of a wild spinning ride in an amusement park (求水山公园) located in Buji, Shenzhen, China. It was called Challenger at time of filming. 挑战者之旅 “挑战者之旅” 是国内最新颖的游艺机之一,外观豪华、靓丽,令人耳目一新。该机的运动特点是摆臂带动座舱作220度往复摆动,同时,座舱作正反向自转运动。两种运动轨迹的叠加,使面向外侧的游客仿佛置身于茫茫宇宙间,淋漓尽致的体验天旋地转般的惊险感受。同时,流光溢彩的灯光缤纷闪烁,使周围景象变得光怪陆离,吸引着众多游人。

PLA Soldiers and Great Wall Replica at Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园)

Video above has many parts, but only two parts (2nd and 3rd) are at Qiushuishan Park. Starting video will immediately skip to second part showing wall depicting Chinese soldiers inside Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园). The third is a fake Great Wall of China (replica). The rest of the parts are not at Qiushuishan Park.

Barbecue at Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园)

Learn how to prepare Chinese dish of fish barbecue. The dish was prepared in a Qiushuishan Park (求水山公园) in Buji, Shenzhen, China. Includes a nighttime ride of the roller coaster (at night), and the preparation of the barbecue pit in order to cook the fish. Charcoal and lighting of the fire is required in the beginning. Later, aluminum foil (for cooking over fire), and the cutting of the fish is also done.

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